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Why start with ACDC?


We are an independent, private nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational and career development purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and State of Arizona Secretary of State.


ACDC is governed by a community of radically motivated, local leaders forming a Board of Directors committed to assuring career readiness, apprenticeship opportunities, employment placement and support and community development activities.


We serve the individuals who are living in the margins of the employment process and experience:
- chronically unemployed and underemployed

- re-entry back into family and community life from prison

- learning disabilities, illiterate, unskilled, low education

- discrimination based on race, culture, ethnicity, religion and gender.


We offer free trade training and support services:

- Multicultural, Professional Level Assessment and Counseling

- Core Trades Skills and Competency Training Curricula

- Essential Skills for Success: Positive Employee Behaviors and Skills Curricula

- Trades Apprenticeship Programs using Local Construction and Manufacturing Partners

- Employment Matching, Placement and Mentor Coaching

- Support Services such as transportation.


The individuals who complete our programs are more likely to have a higher success rate in seeking and retaining employment than others who don't.

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